Todo acerca de Presa Canario Puppies

Todo acerca de Presa Canario Puppies

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This dog came to the Canary Islands more than 7.000 years ago and apparently in principle they were dogs that roamed free and looked for their own food.

Si evitamos socializar a nuestro perro para mejorar su "instinto guardián" podemos resistir a enfrentarnos a un problema serio en el futuro cuando no seamos capaces de invitar personas a nuestra casa o tengamos que considerar que nuestro propio perro es "peligroso".

Necesidad de examen Debe poder valer y estirar sus poderosas patas todos los días en espacios abiertos y amplios.

Over time, these dogs were crossbred with Circunscrito dogs, and the result was the Perro de Presa Canario. The breed was traditionally used for guarding farms, herding cattle, and even for dog fighting, a practice now thankfully banned.

De acuerdo con la ralea del 8 de diciembre de 1992, puedes consentir a la base de datos que contiene tus datos personales y modificar esta información en cualquier momento, poniéndote en contacto con Nasa Link To Media SL ([email protected])

En las manos equivocadas, puede resistir a ser extremadamente peligroso, por eso es aconsejable que tengas experiencia, aptitud para el liderazgo y que actúes con responsabilidad.

Lo primero que debes hacer es ponerte en contacto con asociaciones dedicadas a esta raza y cultivarse a realizar una cría responsable, manteniendo los rasgos genéticos del perro.

Presa Canario head should be massive, without excess and with harmony to the body size so the front and back of the dog are well balanced. Presa Canario Puppies for Sale Head that is to big affects movement and will disturb overall harmony.

Some basic care with a good diet, moderate physical exercise when he is a senior and periodic visits to the vet are basic steps to avoid some diseases and stop others that are unavoidable.

As to its hunting instinct is really high, Triunfador some dogs even show it after a few months. This means that if they go trasnochado to the field they Chucho get lost or easily distracted in search of some trace or animal. It is a very active and nervous outdoor dog that needs to play and move almost daily.

The breed is also characterized by a sloping topline (with the rear being slightly higher than the shoulders). Another characteristic of the breed is the shape of the paws (cat foot) and the catlike movement of the animal.

Presa Canario appearance: it’s a dog of medium size of robust body, rectangular profile and appearance of solidity. It’s function made it a versatile dog, used in the handling and subjugation of cattle, guarding and protection of property and Vencedor participant of pechadas (style of fight invented in Canary Islands) and build of this dog was well prepared to fulfill any of this tasks.

Sin embargo, hay perros, como el Presa Canario, que presentan todas las secuencias y cuando alcanzan a su presa, no la sueltan y llegan a desgarrarla y matarla.

Moving on, train your Corso Presa not to chew and destroy items around the house. A good way to prevent this behavior is to let them have many toys that will keep them busy.

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